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"Is it allowed to DIGITIZE AN ARTISTIC PHOTO without the consent of the author?"
"Can a university put photographs in which students are recognisable on its website?"
"I have received a WARNING from a lawyer because I used a picture on my website. What can I do?"

If you are WORKING FOR A SWISS HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION and already came across questions like these, this is the right place for you:
  1. Search for answers to your questions in the FAQs.
  2. Deepen your knowledge on Swiss copyright in the BASICS OF COPYRIGHT.
  3. Practice what you have learnt with interactive CASE STUDIES.
  4. If you still have questions, CONTACT our experts and participate in the TRAINING activities proposed by the Center.
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Available Resources of Webinar Copyright & Social Media
The video recordings and the slides presented by Yves Bauer are now available online. You can download them from the webinar page.

Knowledge base

knowledge base

The KNOWLEDGE BASE is the core of the Competence Center and consists of 3 parts: Practical, short FAQs provide a good introduction into all areas of copyright law. All FAQs are linked to the BASICS (reference texts), which explain the copyright in detail, so that it is also understandable to legal laymen. Furthermore, it is possible to apply, train and test the gained knowledge with the help of interactive CASE STUDIES. The users is guided through everyday situation cases with the help of specific questions. In this way users learn which is the best way to solve a legal problem and which legal obstacles must be considered.


FAQs offer concrete answers to specific and practice-oriented questions from all areas of copyright law. FAQs provide a good entry point to the knowledge base, by offering specific solutions and answers. Thanks to the fact that FAQs are linked to the reference texts (basics), it is possible to further deepen your knowledge on a particular topic.

Basics of Copyright

In the BASICS of Copyright, the Swiss Copyright Law is explained in an easy understandable and detailed way. Searching for specific arguments is facilitated by the detailed structure of the contents. All chapters are interconnected with numerous links in order to allow readers to quickly and easily find related contents. Furthermore, texts are supplemented with helpful FAQs and other links to external sources such as legal articles, literature and court decisions.

Case Studies

Interactive CASE STUDIES allow users to deepen, train and test their knowledge in different topics. The user is guided through everyday situation cases with the help of a given METHODOLOGY and specific questions. The case studies show the user how to best approach a case and which legal obstacles must be considered.



The Competence Center in Digital Law offers a large catalogue of workshops, webinars and tailor-made trainings adapted to the needs of the single public and institutions.

FOR AFFILIATED INSTITUTIONS: one basic in presence workshop and four webinars are included in the annual affiliation fee, with access to all past webinars and and their learning resources. Furthermore, the Center organizes once a year an event for all its affiliates, so they can meet, network and deepen relevant topics.

FOR ALL INSTITUTIONS: a large choice of off-the-shelf trainings (available in the Training catalog) dedicated to more specific publics can be bought and adapted to the members' needs and followed at distance or in presence.

Webinars offered by the Center

Webinars 2017-2018

Training Catalogue 2018/2019

Please find here the training catalogue.

Basic Courses

Basic courses provide participants with an introduction to a larger topic such as copyright, data protection or legal licenses during a half-day face-to-face workshop. These trainings are suitable for all kind of publics who need to have a first approach to the proposed topic and serve as basiscs for more advanced courses.

  • Introduction to Copyright

On-Demand Trainings

Our off-the shelf offer proposes courses for different kind of publics (researchers, legal experts, librarians, professors, PhD students, etc). Already available topics can be chosen from the list below. A standard training unit lasts between 2 and 4 hours and can be chosen in a distance approach (webinar) or as a face-to face training. By selecting a course from the list below, you will get to a detailed description of the contents, formats and prices:



If you have questions regarding digital law issues, to which you cannot find an answer on our platform, the team of legal experts working for the Center will be more than happy to answer your questions personally.

Based on the complexity of the questions, these will be answered directly by e-mail or during the opening hours of the helpdesk:

  • by phone (see phone numbers below);
  • by chat (please, check that the window at the bottom right is set on Online; if this is not the case, it will be possible to send a message through it).

For more complex and time consuming questions, we will contact you to provide you with an appropriate cost estimation.

Helpdesk Service

English: responsible Melanie Graf (MLaw) - tel. +41 61 207 31 22, Life-Chat on Thursday from 10:00-12:00 

French: responsible Yves Bauer (MLaw) - tel. +41 78 720 01 13, Life-Chat on Tuesday from 10:00-12:00

Italian: responsible lic. iur. Marcello Baggi - tel. +41 58 666 49 30, Life-Chat on Monday from 10:00-12:00

German: responsible lic. iur. Danielle Kaufmann - tel. +41 61 207 31 22, Life-Chat on Thursday from 10:00-12:00


The team of legal experts of the Center can always be reached via e-mail, in English, German, French and Italian, at the following address:

The advising service of the Center will be available for all people working in Swiss Higher Education Institutions UNTIL THE END OF THE TEST PHASE of the Center; after the end of the test phase, the advising service will be available only for the personnel of Swiss HEIs that are affiliated to the Center.